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retail consultants

Retail Remedy is a group of experienced retail consultants who can help determine retail strategies for shops or any other kind of businesses that needs retail advice.

We can assist from the ground up by implementing a clear retail strategy that incorporates business growth, new market entry along with other aspects such as retail store design.

Once a strategy has been laid out and planned accordingly, our retail consultants can assist with the marketing and branding of your business, ensuring that maximum customer engagement is achieved within the store and across the other marketing channels. We will help you realise the most effective communication windows for you to reach out to your target market by grabbing their attention at just the right time, we work with your team every step of the way, building a legacy of development.

Need help with your retail growth? Retail Remedy is here to help. By understanding your customer’s needs, we will help you meet their expectations by delivering what they want. From within the store, we can help your staff understand the customer journey and also run an effective team building workshop that will transform existing teams into superstars or build up new top performers from scratch.

Buying and merchandising is a core aspect in retail, getting it right or wrong can mean the difference in meeting projected profit figures. Here at Retail Remedy, we like to take pride in our reputation and experience within the buying environment and know very well that having the right product at the right price is a big part of what determines success from failure. Delivering clear range and price hierarchies comes from a deep understanding of commercial buying principles following decades of doing the job. By carrying out in depth market analysis, we can help you better understand the buying circles and assist with opening up new doors for you to operate in.

The team at Retail Remedy have worked with some of the biggest retail names in the UK, including Tesco, Asda, George and Homebase to name a few. We know what works best across the board and can help you standardise your stores so that they can operate in similar fashion too. Our retail consultants will be able to help with brand development and PoS strategies, category management along with space utilization and analysis.

Retail Remedy also has a world class retail training team that has 50 years of experience alongside some of the world’s largest leading retailers. We can provide retail workshops and training programmes across the board and pass on the extensive knowledge that we know works. We can also cater for senior level management in the form of one on one coaching sessions - this can include managing teams, personal effectiveness and situational leadership along with any other areas of development needed. Our retail training team can customise a programme that will help your business progress. If you are team building then let us help you, our retail focussed MBTI trained team will help you bond and focus team goals whilst having fun, the best way to learn.